Gastronomy Rally

Our region’s chefs showcase first-rate ingredients in recipes that take gastronomy to levels of pure artistic expression. Among the 7 Spanish restaurants that have 3 Michelin stars, 3 are located in our city and, with the selection of other restaurants distinguished by the Michelin Guide in the city, its dining scene counts no fewer than 16 Michelin stars, a token of the work carried out on a daily basis by San Sebastián’s culinary artists.

As you walk through the streets in the old part of the city, where the pintxo is the undisputable star, and as you visit the Markets (La Bretxa and San Martin) you will have numerous opportunities to discover and devour these bite-sized delicacies prepared by the best chefs in the city.

  • San Sebastian Espagne
  • Of 30 to 150 people
  • 2h or 1/2 day