Destination Deauville avec Emilie

  • Project:

Organize a gala dinner for 450 people and their accommodation in Deauville during the busy time of June.

  • Our proposition:

  • A centralized online platform to handle participants’ individual requests for accommodation in various hotel categories.

  • Assistance in welcoming attendees at the Palais des Congrès.

  • “Cinema” evening where everything was carefully designed to make participants feel like movie stars.

  • Photo and video report with our contractor.

  • Deauville - France
  • 450 people
  • 2 days


Project Manager

Testimony of the expert

Has a mishap occurred during your seminar? For example, a meeting might be running late before a gala dinner that is taking place in another location… Don’t panic! I know how to right the ship in the event of the unexpected and inform my service providers in real time. A setback needn’t affect what is happening “front-of-house” and my client can stay concentrated on the event’s content and participants.